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  • Beck's 500 ml
    500 ml
    The best selling export German beer in the world, Beck's is a pilsner-style lager with a distinctive and refreshing taste. It is brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 which restricts ingredients to just water, malt, hops and yeast. First brewed in 1873, Beck's matches well with lighter fare such as chicken, pasta, seafood and of course, any German meal. 4.9% alcohol by volume.
  • Beck's Non-Alcoholic 330 ml
    330 ml
    Beck's Brewmasters stop the fermentation process at a very early stage which results in zero alcohol yet achieving the distinctive full-bodied taste and aroma of Beck's.
  • Berentzen Apfelkorn Liqueur 750 ml
    750 ml
    Apfelkorn is a sweet apple flavored liqueur made from produced from 100% wheat spirit, and blended with the finest selection of apples.
  • Bitburger Pils 500 ml
    500 ml
    Bitburger is a classic pilsner from Germany's Rhineland. Light, aromatic and clean tasting, it opens with a round, sweet maltiness followed by a dry, hoppy finish.
  • Black Tower Rivaner 750 ml
    750 ml
    Pale straw colour; fresh, grapey aromas with citrus and apple notes; medium-dry with floral fruit and balanced acidity "
    3 Litre
    A great combination or tropical fruit, white peach and floral aromas.
  • Bree Pinot Noir Rose 750 ml
    750 ml
    This fruity, off dry Pinot Noir Rose offers flavours of cherries and wild berries.
    250 ml
    A delicate wine, elegant, with a bounty of fruit aromas. Its cheerful rosé color and its fruit aromas are reminiscent of raspberry, red currant and strawberry. The taste of BREE Rosé is light, elegant and full of fruit.
  • Bree Riesling Pfalz QbA 750 ml
    750 ml
    Bree Riesling offers aromas of crisp apple, passion fruit and lime with sweet, fruity flavours of pear, peaches and nectarine. Pairs well with salads, fish, chicken, bratwurst, shellfish, ham gratin in a creamy sauce, or on its own.
  • Bree Sweet Red 750 ml
    750 ml
    Fresh, Strawberry, Plum, Medium-bodied. Germany is quickly becoming known for its soft, fruity reds and this delicious Dornfelder blend is no exception.
  • Carl Sittmann Riesling Mosel QbA 750 ml
    750 ml
    Carl Sittmann Riesling has aromas of green apples, pears, and apricots. The sweet flavors of peaches and apples are gracefully balanced by the crisp acidity keeping it refreshingly elegant and gracefully without being too sweet. Pairs well with Fish, Chicken, pork, bratwursts, sausages, spicy dishes, and sushi
  • Crema Nobile al Cioccolata 750 ml
    750 ml
    This fine cream based wine has notes of dark chocolate and espresso, delivering a unique taste experience. Excellent alongside chocolate based desserts.
  • DAB Dark 500 ml
    500 ml
    A dark beer of premium class and most popular in its region: these dark brown to black beers have a mild-roasted malty character without the associated bitterness. As specialty beers, they have a full body with a gently enhanced malty flavour and an aroma with low to moderate levels of sweetness. Hop bitterness is low to medium in character.
  • DAB EXPORT 500 ml
    500 ml
    DAB invented the special type of bottom-fermentation lager, which became known around the world as "The Dortmunder". It is still brewed according to the original Dortmunder brewing process. DAB offers a fabulous crisp, full-bodied, and mildly-hopped taste of excellence.
  • DAB Maibock 500 ml
    500 ml
    DAB Maibock is a rich, strong golden bottom fermented beer. Traditionally brewed in the fall for release in the spring. This German super premium lager with well balanced aromas and pleasant lingering hop finish.
    440 ml
    The Ultimate DAB. Lower carbohydrates and lower calories, still the same high quality and taste you expect and rely on from the makers of DAB original.