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  • Brennivin Aquavit 700 ml
    700 ml
    Brennivin is a caraway flavoured aquavit (un-sweetened schnapps) and is the countries signature spirit. Introduced in 1935, Brennivin is made from the extraordinarily pure Icelandic water imparting it with deliciously sweet taste and a soft finish. Have no doubts however this is an aquavit, and Brennivin has the right level of intensity with notes of caraway seeds. Best enjoyed on its own ice cold or use its unique taste to experiment with cocktails.
  • Garun Icelandic Stout 330 ml
    330 ml
    A rich, dark, intense and bold Icelandic stout. Garun is a dark aura of intense richness - very aromatic, full of roasted coffee notes, a very rich, almost unctuous body that finishes remarkably clean with just the right balance of bitter sweetness, it reminds you as much of a coffee liqueur as beer. Remarkable!
  • Reyka Vodka 750 ml
    750 ml
    Reyka is an Icelandic vodka, distilled from wheat and barley. It is also the world's first "green" vodka, it being made from glacial water and distilled using sustainable energy from geothermal heat.