Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA)

The Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) designation represents quality and authenticity. It is a guarantee to the consumer that all of the grapes used in the production of wine are 100% Canadian grown and 100% from the region stated on the label. Additionally, should a label indicate a specific appellation, the grapes must be 100% sourced from that specific appellation.

The provinces of British Columbia and Ontario are the only provincial members of the Vintners Quality Alliance. VQA Ontario and the British Columbia Wine Authority are the regulatory bodies that ensure winemaking standards and labeling regulations are followed. Wineries must be a member of VQA, and all its wines must be approved by the VQA regulatory body annually before it can use the term VQA on their label.

To find out more about VQA in British Columbia and Ontario, please visit their respective sites below:

Manitoba Liquor Mart is a proud supporter of VQA wines. Please be sure to visit your local Liquor Mart and discuss with one of our knowledgeable Product Consultants.

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