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Big Rock Rock Creek Dry Cider

Big Rock Rock Creek Dry Cider 6 x 355 ml
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Item # 693150 | 6 x 355 ml

Springing from a mountain of BC apples, this crisp, dry cider ripples with vanilla, ginger, cinnamon & bubbles with the extra-fine effervescence of champagne yeast. The fruity aroma and flavour of the cider works well with fresh summer fruit and stands up to a variety of cheeses like Cheddar, Brie, Gouda and Camembert. Try Rock Creek with a smoky pulled pork sandwich or wiener schnitzel.

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Category:Refreshment Beverages ❭ Ciders ❭ Apple Cider


Attributes:Gluten Free

Tasting Profile:MediumApple