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Budweiser Winnipeg Jets Pack

Budweiser Winnipeg Jets Pack 15 x 355 ml
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Item # 19476 | UPC 062067201790 | 15 x 355 ml

Official Winnipeg Jets Pack

Budweiser, the "King of Beers" is brewed with the strongest commitment to quality, tradition and excellence. Uniquely brewed since 1876 with a beechwood aging process, it has a slightly fruity aroma with a crisp, clean, delicate taste and a smooth, clean finish. Budweiser matches well with North American style foods, especially spicy flavors or BBQ. 5.0% alcohol by volume.
The MLCC has a legal Agreement with True North Sports and Entertainment Ltd. which stipulates that, according to National Hockey League regulations, distribution of Winnipeg Jets promotional packages is limited to a radius of 50 miles or 80 kms from the city limits of the City of Winnipeg. This regulation applies to all NHL franchises throughout North America.

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Tasting Profile:LightMalty