Czechvar Premium Dark Lager

Czechvar Premium Dark Lager 500 ml
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Item # 20048 | UPC 815833006088 | 500 ml

IBU 20

Your first impression is a pleasurable and delightfully hoppy aroma. The delicate and yet rich malt flavour causes our beer, from even the first sip, to glide smoothly down your throat. It leaves a fine, pleasantly bitter taste that disappears so slowly... that you are already beginning to look forward to another perfectly flavour-balanced sip. Pours an opaque, dark brown body with a decent light brown head and a pleasantly strong aroma of roasted malt.

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Category:Beer ❭ Lager ❭ Pilsner
Closure:Bottle Cap

Country:Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Tasting Profile:LightRoasted