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Grant's Sherry Cask Scotch

Grant's Sherry Cask Scotch 750 ml
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Item # 635326 | UPC 5010327205199 | 750 ml

Handpicked Spanish Oloroso sherry casks filled with aged Grant's whisky.

Our Master Blender and his team handpick each Spanish Oloroso sherry cask before filling it with aged Grant’ s whisky. Here it is left for up to four months to acquire the rich flavours of dried fruit, warm spice and sweet honey. To enjoy Grant’ s Sherry Cask award-winning taste try sipping it straight or simply pour a dram over some ice.

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Category:Spirits ❭ Whiskey/Whisky ❭ Scotch- Blended
Closure:Screw Top

Country:United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Tasting Profile:LightGrainy