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Granville Island Winter Mingler

Granville Island Winter Mingler
 12 x 341 ml
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Item # 26906 | UPC 779446203107 | 12 x 341 ml

Our Winter Mingler contains some of our most popular brands: Our Mocha Porter is a delicious brew with flavours drawn from pure liquid cacao and JJ Bean decaf coffee beans. Our classic pale ale is a tribute to the laid-back shores of English Bay. Skillfully balanced like the iconic inukshuk, with malt-forward caramel flavours and rich copper hues.
Our honey lager is a coastal staple. Mild, bright and lightly hopped with a hint of Fraser Valley honey. Lions Winter Ale offers dark amber colour with an off-white foam cap. Caramel malt aromas are dominated by cocoa and vanilla notes and complex flavour layers of vanilla, bready malt, toffee, cocoa bean and a slight nuttiness.

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Tasting Profile:BalancedMalty