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JP Wisers Double Still Rye

JP Wisers Double Still Rye 750 ml
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Item # 19022 | UPC 048415520324 | 750 ml

Colour: Rich Amber.
Nose: Intense rye bread with pleasant tones of glazed honeycomb, green apples, dried fruits and fine nuts. All complemented with smoked vanilla spices.
Body: Complex yet well-balanced. A smooth and silky texture.
Palate: An initial sensation of roasted rye spices followed by sun-dried raisins and freshly sliced green apples. It finishes with a mouth-coating praline and vanilla combination.
Finish: Lingering rye spice that is pleasing and warm.

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Category:Spirits ❭ Whiskey/Whisky ❭ Canadian Whisky
Closure:Screw Top


Tasting Profile:LightSpicy