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Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg 1664 500 ml
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Item # 21017 | UPC 3080210004491 | 500 ml

Pale Lager

Its golden highlights and delicate bitterness come from selecting the best hops, the "Strisselspalt", and the unique know-how of Brasseries Kronenbourg's master brewers for over 300 years. 1664 is ideal with a meal on the terrace, as an aperitif or simply on its own. The award winning Kronenbourg 1664 is made from pure water, pale malt, and the caviar of hops which gives it a warm golden color, floral aromas, and its perfect balance of sweetness with hints of plum, honey and pears, which reveal themselves at every sip.

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Tasting Profile:LightMalty