Lolea No1 Red Sangria Mini's

Lolea No1 Red Sangria Mini's 200 ml
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Item # 30510 | UPC 8437014256338 | 200 ml

Lolea No.1 is a premium, lightly sparkling Sangria, made of the finest ingredients available. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo wine combined with natural orange and lemon juices, pure cane sugar, a touch of spice, and soft frizzante water. Lolea No.1 has wonderful aromas of cherry, orange peel, lemon drops, cinnamon and sour strawberry. Full-bodied and scrumptious on the palate, it has a wide array of ripe red berries and blue flowers along with its silky bubbles. The simplest way to enjoy Lolea No.1 is to serve with ice, a slice of orange or lemon, and enjoy!

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Category:Wine ❭ Flavoured Wines ❭ Other
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Attributes:Lower Alcohol

Tasting Profile:MediumFragrant