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Midleton Very Rare 2016 Irish Whiskey

Midleton Very Rare 2016 Irish Whiskey 750 ml
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Item # 21502 | UPC 080432112595 | 750 ml

Aroma: On approach, some light floral perfume balancing with delicate fresh herbs before the rich wood character of the ex-Bourbon barrels take control. Sweet vanilla mingles with ripe orchard fruits bringing a touch of pineapple and grapefruit.
Taste: Typically sweet with vanilla, cinnamon, anda hint of clove. A little chilli brings that satisfying prickle softened by ripe fleshy fruit. Charred oak combines with barley to add complexity.
Finish: Soft sweet spices slowly fade to leave the earthy notes of charred wood and barley.

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Category:Spirits ❭ Whiskey/Whisky ❭ Irish Single Pot Still


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Tasting Profile:ModerateSpicy