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Muskoka Detour

Muskoka Detour 473 ml
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Item # 18262 | UPC 628669010200 | 473 ml

A new emerging craft style "sessionable" ale at 4.3% with real hoppy flavour.

Life's more interesting when you take the less paddled fork in the river. We took a left turn from a normal IPA, dry-hopping it to create a truly session able brew with a rewarding aroma, big hop flavours and clean finish. Enjoy!

Colour - Golden or Bronze in colour
Nose - Tropical fruits, with a slight hint of pine
Mouthfeel - very clean, really hits the entire palate, not overpowering in any one region of the mouth
Tartness or bitterness - slightly bitter but very smooth

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Category:Beer ❭ Ale ❭ Pale


Tasting Profile:LightHoppy