Parallel 49 Brews Brothers Collaboration Pack Volume 3

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Item # 22747 | UPC 823994000678 | 4 x 650 ml

One 650ml bottle brewed in collaboration with each of the following: Green Flash (California), Gigantic (Oregon), Scuttlebutt (Washington), & 49 th State (Alaska.

Green Flash Brewing Co. (California) - What’ s Golden East Meets West IPA
Blended New England style with a West Coast Style IPA to produce massive fruit juice flavours and aroma from the absurdly large amount of hops that went into this brew. This IPA features a creamy, rich mouth feel and underlying sweetness from the low levels of bitterness.

Gigantic (Oregon) - Blazing Arrow Tawny IPA
Tawny in colour, with flavours of coffee and caramel, this tawny IPA boasts big aromas of mandarin, peach, and gooseberry that come from the low levels of bitterness.

Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. (Washington) - Baby got Back Hoppy Hefe
A traditional style hefeweizen brewed with a modern breed of hops hailing from Germany. This hoppy hefe offers flavours of banana and subtle clove, with aromas of cantaloupe and honey dew from the newly released Bavarian hops used to brew this beer.

49 th State Brewing co. (Alaska) - Getting’ It Farmhouse of the North
This unique beer was brewed with a Scandinavian farmhouse yeast cultivated in Norway. Tart in flavour, this ale offers aromas of orange peel contributed by the yeast and Amarillo hops.

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