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Remy Martin LOUIS XIII Grande Champagne Cognac

Remy Martin LOUIS XIII Grande Champagne Cognac 700 ml
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Item # 8403 | UPC 3024480007974 | 700 ml

The multiple glints and tones that dance in the light shift between sustained and brilliant golden-yellow to marvellous mahogany highlights that can reveal fiery red notes. The tears that slide slowly down the side of the glass are a sign of the supreme opulence of this nectar.

The first nose reveals an incredible richness and intensity delivered by the “ tierçons,” the extremely rare and historic barrels of LOUIS XIII. The second impression is made of delicate floral notes, such as immortelle, provided by the best of the Grande Champagne. The third nose is full, covered by spicy tones, thanks to the century ageing process in 100-year old Limousin oak barrels.

The sensations reveal themselves progressively, from the highest degree of finesse to the perception of supreme opulence, an alchemy which is scrupulously seeked in every eau-de-vie awarded and retained for the blending of LOUIS XII.

A dense celebration of floral notes and candied fruits with hints of spices emerges first. The second sip sees notes of jasmine twirled with nuances of passion fruit, themselves flirting with ginger and nutmeg.

Touches of roses and iris are dancing with elements of fig and prunes, in turn being sustained harmoniously by layers of sandalwood and honey. Four generations of cellar master have succeeded each other to produce these intense aromas that linger on the palate an hour after tasting.

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