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Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old Scotch

Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old Scotch 700 ml
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Item # 615698 | UPC 5000281004686 | 700 ml

·Appearance: Pale amber.
Nose: Not obvious to begin with. Planed wood, light toffee, boat varnish. Linseed oil behind, even putty, and later a lychee-like acidity. With water the acidity comes through (acid drops), and the nose sweetens. Still a pleasant fresh woodiness, followed by warm sand. After a while, coffee with brown sugar.
Body: Medium.
Palate: Pleasant; an initial sweetness is quickly overtaken by acidity.
Finish: Dry; medium-length, with an attractive lingering sandalwood aftertaste.

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Category:Spirits ❭ Whiskey/Whisky ❭ Scotch - Single Malt

Country:United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Tasting Profile:ModerateFruity