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Scion 1850 Port

Scion 1850 Port 750 ml
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Item # 11384 | UPC 5013626114193 | 750 ml

A halo of pale amber adorned with subtle olive highlights surrounds a core of deep mahogany. The wine envelops the nose with a sublime and heady fusion of opulent and seductive aroma. A rich dark redolence of molasses and fig is overlaid with complex notes of roasted coffee, cigar leaf, black pepper and cedar combined with a subtle nuttiness and the discrete scent of fine oak wood. Concentrated to a magical quintessence, the wine wraps the palate in a dense and sumptuous coat of luscious flavour interwoven with a crisp and vibrant acidity. Rich mellow flavor of astonishing intensity persists into the endless finish. This wine resonates like a stentorian voice calling down the centuries in a language no longer spoken in the world of wine.

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