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Siku Vodka

Siku Vodka 750 ml
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Item # 1286 | UPC 899512000017 | 750 ml

Glacier Ice Vodka

Siku Glacier Ice Vodka is a full-bodied, crisp and ultra-smooth flavorful NON GMO gluten free Vodka. With Siku's distinctly extraordinary creation narrative of ships rescuing its unexampled ancient glacier ice as it descends into the ocean, falling from the Qalerallit Sermia Glacier of Greenland, Siku vodka’ s taste evokes the purity of its source. It’ s a spirit with substance for the experienced connoisseur and for those seeking sophisticated vodka flavor.

As is customary, Siku can be tasted with an 'in and out' style martini, using the least amount of vermouth as possible. 'Exceptionally clean and smooth' has been a sustained longstanding description for this vodka harvested from ice which was up to 60,000 years in its creation. Cultivated and urbane--Siku is for the curators in all of us.

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