Social Lite - Vodka Soda Mixed Pack

Social Lite - Vodka Soda Mixed Pack 12 x 355 ml
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Item # 29402 | UPC 781643667484 | 12 x 355 ml

SoCIAL LITE Pineapple Mango, is flavoured with real pineapple juice concentrate and 100% natural pineapple and mango flavour. With a bright nose of pineapple and a delicious mango finish. SoCIAL LITE Grapefruit Pomelo - A sweet grapefruit aroma on the nose, with a light bubbly mouthfeel and smooth finish. SoCIAL LITE Lime Ginger is crisp and refreshing, with the taste of a fresh squeezed lime wedge and a ginger bite to finish. SoCIAL LITE Vodka Blood Orange is a naturally refreshing vodka soda crafted with smooth premium vodka, sparkling water and 100% blood orange flavour. With only 80 calories and no sugar, this citrus flavour packs a punch.

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Category:Refreshment Beverages ❭ Cooler - Spirit Based =<7% ❭ Soda


Attributes:Gluten Free