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Two Wolves Brewing Brown Ale

Two Wolves Brewing Brown Ale 500 ml
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Item # 25876 | UPC 666226000110 | 500 ml

18 IBU

Our dark brew, Two Wolves Great Plains Brown Ale is a well-balanced beer with a deep copper colour and aromas of roasted malt, cocoa and caramel. This highly engaging beer is medium bodied and bright with a high carbonation and refreshing enough to pair with light foods, and bold enough to stand with rich, heavy meals - excellent with pork and beef, root and winter vegetables, stews and barbecues alike. The Brown Ale is around 80% 2 Row Malt, and we add crystal 60, chocolate malt, and black malt. The dark malts provide the colour and roasted coffee and chocolate flavours. The brown ale has Columbus and Amarillo hops, Amarillo is one of the top 10 varieties of hops utilized by the beer industry.

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Tasting Profile:BalancedMalty