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Unibroue Winter Collection

Unibroue Winter Collection 12 x 341 ml
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Item # 720073 | UPC 772285911905 | 12 x 341 ml

Unibroue’ s Winter Collection contains two of each of the following: Blanche de Chambly, Maudite, Fin du Monde, Ephemere Blueberry, Raftman and Terrible.

Blanche de Chambly: Wheat and subtle spices blanketed in citrus flavours reminiscent of orange and lemon.
La Fin du Monde: Mildly yeasty with a complex palate of malt, fruit and spice notes followed by a smooth, dry finish.
Maudite: Characterized by a robust maltiness and spiciness that is counterbalance by an assertive crisp hop finish. Ephemere Blueberry: Wild berry aromas, citrus notes. Vivid blueberry flavor with a complementary acidity. Raftman: A complex blend of smoke, apples, caramel, and whisky malt. Flavour- Smoked malt whisky, low acidity masked by a caramelized apple flavor with a taste of fine yeast.
Terrible: Rich notes of fruits and spices on the nose. Flavour- Subtle fruit flavors are complemented by rich Madeira wine notes.

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