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Warres Otima 20 Year Port

Warres Otima 20 Year Port 500 ml
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Item # 1359 | UPC 5010867102774 | 500 ml

Fresh, with plenty of vibrant acidity behind the cocoa, vanilla and dried apricot flavors. Spicy and creamy notes linger on the long, broad finish. Drink now." for something completely different…try a glass of this 20-year-old tawny from Port great Warres chilled as a before dinner tipple accompanied by spiced nuts perhaps and hard cheese. It is lightly sweet, with a fascinating nutty quality that enlivens the palate rather than satiates it with undue opulence. Once opened, have no fear, this will hold up remarkably well in the fridge over many weeks!

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Tasting Profile:MediumLuscious