Whisky Festival - Makers Mark

Whisky Festival - Makers Mark 2 x 750 ml
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Item # 37891 | 2 x 750 ml

Package includes: 1x750ml bottle ofMaker’ s Mark Private Select Barrel #4, 1x750ml bottle of Maker’ s Mark Private Select Barrel #5, a Maker’ s Mark glass, hand towel, and Maker’ s Mark 200ml custom label bottle filled with grain.
The kit includes the zoom info for two virtual tasting sessions both live from Kentucky. Feb 24th: Meet the Maker From Grain to Glass with Denny Potter, General Manager & Master Distiller, Maker’ s Mark Distillery & Moderator: Ray Daniel, American Whiskey Ambassador
Mar 2nd: The Mark of the Maker with Rob Samuels, Managing Director, 8th Generation Whisky Maker and Grandson of the Founders & Moderator: Ray Daniel, American Whiskey Ambassador.

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Country:United States
United States