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Smirnoff Ice

Item # 25127 | UPC 082000773900 | 473 ml

The original citrus cooler! Crisp, refreshing, citrus flavour with a clean finish.


Bodacious Smooth Red

Item # 24574 | UPC 063657034743 | 4 Litre

Rich, bold juicy full bodied with aromas of raspberry and black current.

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Category:Wine ❭ Red Wine ❭ Generic Blend


Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider

Item # 23451 | UPC 087692821007 | 355 ml

This crisp and refreshing cider offers sweet apple notes up front with a subtle dryness at the finish for a balanced cider taste. A hint of Fuji apples adds a layer of complexity and brings out a fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavour.

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La Marca Prosecco

Item # 786825 | UPC 085000017739 | 750 ml

The flavour is fresh and clean, with ripe citrus, lemon, green apple, and touches of grapefruit, minerality, and some toast. The finish is light, refreshing, and crisp.

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Item # 23132 | UPC 702915003014 | 473 ml

22 IBU

At Steam Whistle Brewing, we live by our motto: Do one thing really, really well. This singular focus means we have the time and opportunity to aim for perfection, to explore the depth and elegance of each ingredient until we arrive at the ‘ true expression’ of the Pilsner style.


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Category:Beer ❭ Lager ❭ Pilsner


Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade

Item # 22755 | UPC 062067114342 | 6 x 355 ml

Mike’ s always delivers on the most great tasting berries, and mike’ s black cherry delivers with a refreshing, smooth taste that’ s good ‘ til the last drop.


Pump House Brewery Crafty Radler

Item # 22562 | UPC 870098000998 | 473 ml

Our Crafty Radler includes a mix of ale and grapefruit and tangerine soda that we created in-house. It exhibits a natural cloudy pink colour from the added juice.
The smell of summer: this mixture gives off a refreshing smell of ripe, freshly sliced grapefruit with sweet notes of ripened tangerines. There is also a slight lingering aroma of Willamette hops that create the base of this delicious blend.
The taste of this Crafty Radler is as appealing to the taste buds as it is to the nose; the grapefruit flavour dances with the sweetness of tangerines, while the malt and hops give a balanced foundation

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Category:Beer ❭ Ale ❭ Flavoured


Mott’ s Clamato Caesar Pickled Bean

Item # 22422 | UPC 065912001095 | 458 ml

A bold and tangy take on the Caesar for an on-trend taste experience.


Capital K Distillery Tall Grass Gin

Item # 22404 | UPC 628055612018 | 750 ml

Small batch premium craft gin, produced from grain to bottle right in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tall Grass Gin is a refreshing experience, lending an aromatic nose with predominant citrus and floral notes. Handcrafted from the finest Manitoba grains and a proprietary blend of 10 botanicals, Tall Grass Gin is made in small batches using a custom-engineered process and 20 plate distilling column. Tall Grass Gin drinks with a degree of softness, defying juniper heavy taste and expressing hints of coriander seed, rose hip, orange peel, cardamom, chamomile and lemon grass. Tall Grass Gin is perfect for sipping on the rocks or paired with soda. Made in Manitoba, this craft gin is distinctive, crisp, and one of a kind.

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Category:Spirits ❭ Gin ❭ Dry Gin