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All Things Cider

What is Cider?

Cider comes in two forms, ‘soft’ and ‘hard’. Soft cider is fresh pressed, unsweetened apple juice. Once the apple juice undergoes fermentation it becomes ‘hard’ cider! Cider is a deliciously refreshing beverage typically made using a blend of apple varieties, quite often with the addition of other flavouring.

The choice of apple varieties is extremely important, as each type of apple will contribute unique flavours of sweetness, bitterness and crisp acidity. Traditional styles of cider are mouthwatering with a pleasant mix of tart and sweet. Cider is also commonly blended with other flavours, such as pear, blackberry, elderflower and even watermelon!

Fun Facts

 Cider can be added to sangria for a nice punch! #secretingredient

 Many ciders on Liquor Mart shelves are certified gluten free! Look for the gluten free marking on cans and bottles.

 'Hard' cider is an ancient beverage; Old World European ciders tend to be crisper, while American and other New World styles tend to be sweeter.

 Ciders are often a blend of many different apple varieties to create wonderful aromas and delicate flavours!

 Cider is extremely refreshing! An absolutely perfect pairing for a Manitoba Spring & Summer!

Food Pairings

 Wonderfully versatile to pair or cook with many different Manitoban favourites!

 Pair a dry-crisp cider with the pillow-y dough and savoury cheese of a perogi. The natural acidity in the cider will compliment sour cream and smoky bacon. Or alternatively, poutine.

 Grilled meats and vegetables such as BBQ cheese burgers and salty chips.

 Light to medium salads whether romaine or spinach, vinaigrette or thousand islands, the beautiful balanced flavour of cider is a great match!

 Charcuterie or Faspa, a nice mix of flavours and textures, cider will highlight the best of cured meat flavours and cheeses.

 Vegetarian samosas and curried dishes. A well-rounded pear cider is an unexpected delight contrasted with the spice and crunchy texture of samosa.

 Classic family gatherings with roast turkey or chicken, for extra effect, cider can add a hint of flavour to brussel sprouts!

 Pork tenderloin or pork chops, either braised in cider, or roasted and paired alongside a crisp dry cider.