Bordeaux Futures

bordeaux futures

What is Bordeaux Futures?

Bordeaux Futures, or enprimeur, is a term referring to the practice of selling wine prior to it being bottled while it is still in the barrel. This occurs yearly in Bordeaux, predominantly for the classed growths, or crus.
Each spring following the harvest, the château will release the opening prices of their wines, after which thousands of media and trade attend organized tastings of the current vintage, all sampled from the cask. The winemaker creates an approximation of what the final blend should be like, and the young wines are given a preliminary score, or rating. Brokers and négociants will make arrangements for the sale of these wines, with the understanding that they will not be delivered until 18 months to 2 years later, after the wine has completed its maturing phase at the château.

Our 2017 Bordeaux Futures will be available at select Liquor Marts beginning, Tuesday, October 20th.  Please check for availability details.

Here is the list of our Bordeaux 2017 Futures:


wine bottle

#28361 Château Mouton Rothschild Premier Cru Classé 2017 AOC Pauillac Bordeaux 


90% Cabernet Sauvignon
9% Merlot
1% Petit Verdot
Tasting Notes:
The wine presents a deep and sustained colour with garnet reflections. The nose is elegant and complex with aromas of wild berries. When aired, notes of pepper, blackcurrant buds and dried flowers bring forth a generous and harmonious aromatic sensation. The attack is fresh, clean and well structured. Fresh fruit flavours are evident in the mid - palate with a dense and fleshy texture. The fine and ripe tannins cover the palate and leave a very long impression. The well - balanced finish confirms a wine full of promise!


chateau clerc milon

#28339 Château Clerc Milon Grand Cru Classé 2017 AOC Pauillac Bordeaux


60% Cabernet Sauvignon
23% Merlot
14% Cabernet Franc
2% Petit Verdot
1% Carmenère
Tasting Notes:
The color is dense with garnet reflections. The aroma reveals notes of blackberry associated with finely roasted coffee beans. When aired, noble and delicate flavours of graphite, flint and cocoa complete this beautiful aromatic palette. The fresh and fleshy attack gives the wine a generous and very balanced gustatory character. Chiselled tannins appear in the mid - palate, combined with cherry pit and bitter chocolate aromas. Slightly chalky, the finish is full in length and minerality.


chateau clinet

#28371 Château Clinet 2017 AOC Pomerol Bordeaux 


92% Merlot
8% Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes:
There are layers of complexity to this wine. Possessing a deep, dark red colour. Very aromatic with floral, red berries and spices interwoven together. Very well – balanced, elegant and charming!



chateau beychevelle

#28372 Château Beychevelle Grand Cru Classé 2017 Saint - Julien Bordeaux


50% Cabernet Sauvignon
45% Merlot
4% Petit Verdot
1% Cabernet Franc
Tasting Notes:
Château Beychevelle 2017 has a very deep purple colour. The nose is dominated by ripe red fruit. The purity of the fruit, the finesse of the tannins and elegant oaky notes come together to offer a silky palate. Château Beychevelle 2017 is a harmonious marriage between the elegance and precision of Cabernet Sauvignon and the generosity and roundness of Merlot.


connetable talbot

#28374 Connetable Talbot 2017 AOC Saint - Julien Bordeaux 


54% Cabernet Sauvignon
46% Merlot
Tasting Notes:
Intense, deep ruby red colour. Appealing aroma of blackberry and raspberry along with pencil shavings and cedar wood notes. Approachable and succulent, yet layered with complexity and possessing a savory finish.


chateau talbot

#28375 Château Talbot Grand Cru Classé 2017 AOC Saint - Julien Bordeaux


68% Cabernet Sauvignon
26% Merlot
6% Petit Verdot

Tasting Notes:
The wine is medium – deep in colour. Very aromatic with floral and dark berry character intermingled with cigar box and bay leaf notes.



chateau fugeres

#28395 Château Faugeres Grand Cru Classé 2017 AOC Saint - Emilion Bordeaux 


85% Merlot
10% Cab Franc
5% Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting Notes:
Rich, round and plush with a deep purple colour. Noticeable fruit notes consisting of dark plum and dark berry. Possessing an elegant and long drawn - out finish.


chateau d'armailhac

#28396 Château D'Armailhac Grand Cru Classé 2017 AOC Pauillac Bordeaux


68% Cabernet Sauvignon
22% Merlot
7% Cabernet Franc
3% Petit Verdot
Tasting Notes:
Garnet colour with purple reflections. The nose reveals hints of fresh, juicy fruits.  When aired, notes of blueberry combined with pepper, licorice and vanilla are revealed. The attack, dense and fleshy, lingers in the mid - palate, leaving an impression of harmonious sweetness.  The initial fresh fruitiness continues into a long and persistent finish.


chateau lynch bages

#28397 Château Lynch Bages Grand Cru Classé 2017 AOC Pauillac Bordeaux


70% Cabernet Sauvignon
24% Merlot
4% Cabernet Franc
2% Petit Verdot

Tasting Notes: 
The 2017 vintage with its deep garnet red colour and purplish - blue hues reflect the ripeness of the grape varieties in the blend. It offers a pleasant bouquet and a wonderful freshness, characteristic of the vintage. The attack is supple and rich! The taste profile reveals an array of black and red fruits with a compliment of spicy notes.



chateau lagrange

#28398 Château Lagrange Grand Cru Classé 2017 AOC Saint - Julien Bordeaux 


78% Cabernet Sauvignon
18% Merlot
4% Petit Verdot
Tasting Notes:
Deep red colour with purple highlights along the edges. Noticeable aroma of black cherry, licorice and blackcurrant. Silky and fresh! The tannins are well - integrated producing a well – balanced, elegant wine.