Bordeaux Futures

Banner showing a cask of wine with 2 wine bottles. The 2019 Bordeaux Futures are Now Available.

Bordeaux Futures, or enprimeur, is a term referring to the practice of selling wine prior to it being bottled while it is still in the barrel. This occurs yearly in Bordeaux, predominantly for the classed growths, or crus.

Each spring following the harvest, the château will release the opening prices of their wines, after which thousands of media and trade attend organized tastings of the current vintage, all sampled from the cask. The winemaker creates an approximation of what the final blend should be like, and the young wines are given a preliminary score, or rating. Brokers and négociants will make arrangements for the sale of these wines, with the understanding that they will not be delivered until 18 months to 2 years later, after the wine has completed its maturing phase at the château.

The 2019 Bordeaux Futures are now available at select Liquor Marts.