Bottle & Cork

Bottle & Cork Bulk Wine Facility - Tap into taste, Tap into savings

Bottle & Cork: tap into taste... tap into savings! Bottle & Cork has 5 wines to enjoy, all priced at only $6.99/bottle! We offer a fully-equipped facility for bottling a selection of wines from around the world. Mix and match any of your favourite Bottle & Cork wines in one case of 12 bottles. 750ml bottles are available for purchase in-store, or bring your own. 

Visit us at Kenaston Crossing Liquor Mart or phone 204-987-4017 or Northdale Shopping Centre Liquor Mart or phone 204-987-4036.


Case of 12 x 750ml Glass Bottles - $19.99 (available only with your purchase of Bottle & Cork wine.)

Wine (Wine Only) (Wine + Bottles)
Cabernet/Shiraz (Australian Blend) $83.88 $103.87
Cabernet/Merlot (International Blend) $83.88 $103.87
Pinot Grigio (Canada) $83.88 $103.87
Red Blend (USA) (Available only at Kenaston) $83.88 $103.87
Rose (Canada) $83.88 $103.87

Price includes corks. Wine prices subject to GST and PST.

Before visiting Bottle & Cork:

If you bring your own bottles, they must be sterilized, 750ml glass, corkable wine bottles. Please, no screw-cap bottles permitted. Simply fill 'em, cork 'em and take 'em home. It's that simple.

The Bottle & Cork is equipped with a rinsing system and not a sterilizing system, therefore it is important that you pre-sterilize any bottles you bring from home.

To pre-sterilize your bottles:

  • Rinse just-emptied bottles with hot water. Do not store without rinsing.
  • When sterilizing, wash bottle thoroughly inside and outside with a sterilizing solution.
  • Rinse bottles in hot water.
  • Dry your bottles well by placing them upside down.

At the Bottle & Cork:

  • Place your 12 bottles on the rinser available at the store prior to bottling your selection. A clean bottle will ensure better wine conservation.

Wine quality can be affected by errors in the bottling process or by using unsterilized bottles. We provide exact instructions in order to minimize these errors. We want you to enjoy Bottle & Cork wines at their best. However, the Bottle & Cork and Manitoba Liquor Mart cannot accept responsibility for any problems with the product quality caused by errors in bottling or storage. Please use caution while handling bottles and equipment. The Bottle & Cork and Manitoba Liquor Mart disclaim any responsibility for accident or injury to persons using the Bottle & Cork facility.

No refunds or exchanges are permitted. Prices and product selections are subject to change without notice.

Foil Caps

You may also purchase foil caps and cleaning supplies. Applying a Foil Cap to your wine bottle at home is easy when following these steps:

  • Place foil cap on the top of your bottle.
  • Boil water in a kettle.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself. Hold the top of your bottle over the steam and turn it. The foil will shrink wrap around the top area.
  • A hot hair dryer may be substituted for the steam.

Keep your wine upright for seven days after bottling, then store the wine on its side in a cool area, away from drafts and heat fluctuations. To enjoy your wine at its best, consume within 12 months of purchase.