Bring Your Own Bag

Manitoba’s Liquor Marts are continuously looking for ways to reduce environmental impacts. From reducing water and energy use, to increasing the number of things we recycle – most recently wine corks accepted back from customers at select locations – there is a lot going on at our stores. 
In 2022, single-use plastic bags are no longer allowed in Canada. We are taking the opportunity to ask customers to help us reduce the number of all single-use bags we consume each year, including paper ones. On your next visit to Liquor Marts, consider bringing or buying reusable bags.
Our stores carry three sizes of reusable bags, all of which feature dividers to securely hold your beer, wine and spirits. Our largest reusable bag can even carry a 15-pack of beer plus two bottles. They are available at every Liquor Mart and Liquor Mart Express.
Reusable Bag - Small
Reusable Bag - Medium
Reusable Bag - Large


Switching to reusable bags is a step that many retailers – and shoppers – have already done. As our stores make the same move, single-use bags will cost ten cents as of February 2022. We will also stop bagging bottles in individual paper sleeves, once our current supplies run out. Don’t worry, skipping the sleeves will not affect the safe transport of your purchase. 
Why reduce single-use paper bags that we use at Liquor Marts? While not as harmful as plastics, they still contribute to significant energy, water and raw materials consumption. 
By making the switch we can prevent up to eight million single-use paper bags from entering the recycling and waste streams from our stores. That saves up to 3,700 trees per year!
Not only are we protecting our forests, but we are also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
So, next time you visit your favourite Liquor Mart, don’t forget your reusable bags. And thanks for helping us reduce waste!