Georgian Bay Recipes - May 2021

Georgian Bay Spirit Co has all you need for simple and refreshing cocktails. 
See below for a selection of featured recipes to help celebrate the season.
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Strawberry Smashed Soda
1 cup Sliced fresh strawberries
2 sprigs mint
1/2 lime, juiced
Garnish: strawberry slice or lime wedge

In a cocktail shaker, muddle strawberries, mint leaves and lime juice with a muddler (use the back of a wooden spoon if you don’t have a muddler).
Pour in two glasses over ice. Top the glasses with Strawberry Smashed Soda.

1 oz Georgian Bay Vodka
8 oz Georgian Bay Vodka Smash
1 oz Fresh grapefruit juice
2 oz soda
Handful Wild Georgian Bay Blueberries
Garnish: fresh mint
Muddle blueberries. Add muddled berries and ice to a chilled glass. Add Vodka, grapefruit juice & soda.
Top with Georgian Bay Vodka Smash and garnish with fresh mint.

Georgian Bay Raspberry Rhubarb Vodka Smash
.5 oz Cassis
1.5 oz Apple Cider
Garnish: sprig of sage
Add Cassis and apple cider into a Collins glass, and fill the glass with ice.
Top with Georgian Bay Raspberry Rhubarb Vodka Smash, and gently stir to mix.
Garnish with a sprig of sage, serve and enjoy!

Georgian Bay Mandarin Smashed Soda
1.5 oz Pomegranate juice
.75 oz Lime juice
.5 oz Simple syrup 
Garnish: Mint
Add mint leaves to the bottom of a shaker tin and gently muddle.
Add the pomegranate juice, lime juice and simple syrup to the shaker tin and shake on ice for 8 seconds.
Strain into a mason jar or Collins glass and fill the glass with ice, top if off with
Georgian Bay Mandarin Smashed Soda.
Garnish with a sprig of mint, serve and enjoy!

1.5 oz Georgian Bay Gin
Georgian Bay Gin Smash
Garnish: lemon or lime wheel
Add Georgian Bay Gin to a large wine glass or goblet.
Fill the glass with ice, and top with Georgian Bay Gin Smash.
Garnish with a lemon or lime wheel, serve and enjoy!