Premium Wine and Whisky September 15 | Manitoba Liquor Mart

Premium Wine and Whisky September 15

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When & Where is the event?
Grant Park Liquor Mart only.
Saturday, September 15th . Doors open at 9:00AM.

What kind of deals will there be?
30% off select whiskies.
25% select Bordeaux Futures wines.

Are all Distinctions products on sale?
No, only select products will be on sale. Please see attached image.

How many bottles are available?
Please see attached image.

Can I call ahead and reserve a bottle?
No, all bottles will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

How many bottles can I buy?
There will be a limit of one bottle per item per customer.

How can I ensure I get my hands on a bottle?
Before 9:00am, customers will be asked which products they wish to purchase and will receive a ticket for each product. That ticket will be handed to the cashier in exchange for the bottle which they can then purchase.