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Shipping Canadian Wine to Manitoba

Interprovincial Direct Sale & Delivery of Wine for Personal Consumption

On June 28, 2012, an amendment to the federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act (Bill C-311) removed the federal barrier prohibiting Canadians from moving wine from one province to another for personal use took effect. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions we have encountered since the passing of the bill.

How good is the selection of Canadian wines at Liquor Mart? 

Outside of BC and Ontario, Manitoba lists more Canadian wine than any other province. We encourage Manitobans to continue to visit their local Liquor Mart, speak with one of our excellent product consultants and discover some of the great Canadian wines we currently carry.

Can I buy product from wineries outside the province? 

There are no restrictions on the amount of beverage alcohol individuals can bring inter-provincially on your person and for personal consumption, and with the passing of Bill C-311, the stipulation to come through the Liquor Mart if you wish to order from a Canadian winery has been lifted. So that great wine you discovered while on vacation in Niagara that isn’t carried in Manitoba? You now have the ability to order it directly to your home.

Fees on Beverage Alcohol brought across Canada/US borders

When bringing beverage alcohol into Manitoba, border point levies* apply on amounts which exceed the duty-free limits:  

Type of Alcohol Cost per Ounce (oz)
Spirits 40 cents per oz.
Sparkling Wine & Champagne 16 cents per oz.
Other Wines 12 cents per oz.
Coolers & Cider 8 cents per oz.
Beer 4 cents per oz.

*These rates are only applicable in Manitoba. PST and GST are extra. If you cross the border or go through Customs in another province, please contact the local liquor jurisdiction for their rates.

How much liquor can I bring into Canada duty-free?  

Please visit the Canada Border Services Agency website at:

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