Southern Charm-American Whiskey

American Whiskey

As bold and unapologetic as its frontier heritage – American whiskey stands apart from other world whisky styles, especially when compared to the whiskys of Canada or Ireland which tend to have lighter profiles. If you are new to the category your first taste will likely greet you with big, rich flavours of vanilla, caramel, honey or dark fruit, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or clove. 

This intensity of flavour is due to most American whiskeys being aged in virgin oak barrels, and the warmer climate of places like Kentucky and Tennessee, which speeds up the interaction between wood and spirit. The result is a robust, wood forward experience unique to America, one well worth exploring if your whisky journey has yet to stray from the Dewar’s, Jameson’s or Canadian Club’s of this world. 


Fun Fact

Because bourbon can only be aged in new oak barrels, American distilleries produce a high volume of used casks which are then happily snatched up by whisky and rum producers around the world. That fine Scotch or Irish whiskey that you are enjoying? Chances are that some – or all – of it was aged in “ex bourbon” barrels.