Defining Innovation & Style

The Winnipeg Whisky Festival is going virtual in 2021.  In order to participate in the following virtual event, you will be required to purchase the following exclusive package with event registration code inside. 

#37894 - Forty Creek Tasters Pack 750ml x 3 - $184.99

Package includes:

  • Forager Botanical Whisky 750ml
  • Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve 750ml
  • Forty Creek Resolve 750ml
  • Tasting mat
  • Virtual event registration information


Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Forty Creek – Defining Innovation & Style with Chris Thompson, North American Brand Ambassador.

Forty Creek began its disruptive history as Canada's original craft whisky two decades ago by carving out a bold path for Canadian Whisky and redefining what was possible within the category.  In this seminar we will explore the endless, artful possibilities with blending, wood treatments, secondary aging, infusions and the 9.09% rule.  Taste the stories behind some of the most innovative whiskies to come out of our distillery.