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  • Aalborg Taffel Akvavit 750 ml
    750 ml
    Our classic Aalborg Taffel Akvavit has a very pure caraway bouquet which is only supported by a slight hint of orange. Its full body and aromas make it all the way around your mouth.
  • Carlsberg Pilsner 500 ml
    500 ml
    Clear, bright straw color; light yeasty and mild hops aromas; light bodied, with a refreshing citrus note on finish. Carlsberg is a refreshing lager with a clean, crisp taste, satisfying depth of flavor and a rich, golden color. Together with its malt and grain notes, Carlsberg delivers a perfect experience.
  • Carlsberg Pilsner Snap Pack 6 x 330 ml
    6 x 330 ml
    A refreshing and uniquely characterful Danish premium pilsner with a malty backbone and balanced bitterness.Bottom fermented lager beer: the ?rst of its kind using pure yeast.
  • Faxe Premium 500 ml
    500 ml
    Faxe Premium is rich and frothy, with a smooth mouth feel, due to the special yeast and unique pressure-fermentation technique used in the brewing of this beer. The taste is distintively smooth.
  • Faxe Royal Strong 500 ml
    500 ml
    Faxe Royal Strong is an easy drinking strong beer with lots of character and a distinctive taste.
  • Tuborg Gold 500 ml
    500 ml
    Tuborg Gold is brewed on pure lager malt and has an inviting aroma of fruit and grain with notes of fennel. It's an elegant beer with an excellent balance between a dry richness, a certain liveliness and a subtle hop character.