Shop Online Q&A

Do I need an account to place an order?
No. An account is not required to place an order for Delivery or Click & Collect. Simply start shopping by adding items to your cart on our website. 
What stores offer Click & Collect?
Southglen, Fort Richmond, Dominion, Northdale, & Grant Park Liquor Marts. You can select your preferred location when you complete your online order. See detailed pick-up location maps
Where does Liquor Mart deliver to?
Delivery is available within the City of Winnipeg and the City of Brandon.  Currently our system requires orders to be placed online for Winnipeg deliveries, while for Brandon orders must be placed via phone at 204-571-5105.
Is there a fee for Delivery?
The delivery fee is $12 plus tax.  You can order a maximum of 10 cases.
Why did your delivery fee change? It seems high already. 
You’ve probably noticed the cost of gas at the pumps has gone up considerably. In fact, over the past year there have been unprecedented increases in transportation, fuel and labour costs. While we’ve made every effort to keep the delivery fee low for as long as possible, we regrettably must adjust the fee. We didn’t take this decision lightly. The adjustment means that Liquor & Lotteries can maintain the high levels of service and safety you’re accustomed to and expect. If you still have questions about the delivery fee or our Shop Online services, please contact our team at
Why is your delivery charge more than some beer vendors/restaurants? 
The cost of alcohol delivery for restaurants is often absorbed into the delivery cost for the food that is delivered. Beer vendors set their own rates and may only service certain neighourhoods or have other conditions that allow them to offer lower delivery rates. 
Is there a fee for Click & Collect?
No. Our Click & Collect service is free of charge.
How do I pick up my order for Click & Collect?
You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your order that includes:
  • Order number 
  • Pick up location
  • Pick up time (window)
When you arrive at the store for your pick-up:
  1. Drive to the Click & Collect parking zone.
  2. Park in Click & Collect designated spots and stay in your vehicle*.
  3. Call the Click & Collect phone number located on your order confirmation or look for signage.
  4. Have order number and valid government-issued photo ID ready.
*Note: customers are expected to wear a mask when interacting with store staff
What do I need to bring with me to pick up a Click & Collect order?
You must have your order number and valid government photo ID in order to collect an order. 
How do I change or cancel my order?
To make changes to your order, email our team at
Why are some products not available for Delivery or Click & Collect?
We offer hundreds of our top-selling products for Delivery and Click & Collect. We are steadily increasing our selection of eligible products and hope you check back soon.
What if my desired pick-up or delivery window is not available?
Available pick-up and delivery windows will be displayed at the time of placing the order. There is a limited number of orders that we can fill during each window. Please select another time that is convenient for you.
Do you offer same-day delivery or pick up?
Due to increased demand, we cannot offer same day delivery or pick up at this time.
What is your return policy?
Can Liquor Mart staff place my order in my trunk for me during pick up?
Liquor Mart staff will place orders into your vehicle if you request and it is deemed safe to do so.
What payment methods are accepted?
Online orders can be placed using VISA or Mastercard.  We do not accept VISA or Mastercard debit cards.
What ID is accepted?
You must provide valid, government-issued ID in order to collect an order for Delivery or Click & Collect.  Visit this link to see examples of acceptable ID:  If delivery cannot be completed due to failure to show acceptable ID, the delivery fee will not be refunded.
Can someone else pick up my Click & Collect order?
Yes. The person picking up an order must present the order number as well as valid government-issued photo ID.
Can I place an order for Delivery with a different shipping address than my billing address?
Yes, you can place an order to be delivered to an address that differs from your billing address.  The recipient at that address will be required to show valid, government issued ID in order to accept the order.
Can I use a gift card to pay for Delivery or Click & Collect orders?
Sorry, at this time you cannot use a gift card to pay for Delivery or Click & Collect orders.
What if there is a problem with my Click & Collect order?
Please let staff know about any issues with your order when you collect it.  If you notice an error later, contact Sorry, we cannot add or remove items from your order at time of pick up unless it is to correct an error.
What if I can’t be home to accept my Delivery?
If an order is unsuccessful because the recipient is not home, the delivery fee will not be refunded. We will try out best to accommodate changes to orders if enough notice is given. Please let us know as soon as possible about any requests to your order at
What if I cannot pickup my order on time?
If you cannot pickup your order on time, please email us at 
I did not get a confirmation email.
Please check your spam or email bin for a missed email confirmation from Manitoba Liquor Mart. If you still do not have a confirmation email, please contact
Can I place an order for my business?
No. Delivery and Click & Collect is for personal use only.
Other Questions?
Email us at or call us at 204-987-8555.

Pick-up Location Maps

Northdale Liquor Mart

Grant Park Liquor Mart

Dominion Liquor Mart

Southglen Liquor Mart

Southglen pick up map

Fort Richmond Liquor Mart

Fort Richmond Pick Up Map