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Black Fly Long Island Iced Tea

Black Fly Long Island Iced Tea 4 x 400 ml
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Item # 16382 | UPC 883043000684 | 4 x 400 ml

A perfect blend of spirits and real lemon juice

Not too sweet, refreshing & delicious. A perfect blend of pure lemon juice, 7% alcohol, genuine Mexican tequila, Canadian Vodka, notes of rum, gin and a splash of cola. Serve ice cold in the large mouth bottle (ice cubes fit through the top) or with lemon wedges and fresh squeezed lemon on the rocks.

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Until Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Category:Refreshment Beverages ❭ Cooler - Spirit Based =<7% ❭ Tea
Closure:Screw Top


Attributes:Gluten Free

Tasting Profile:MediumCitrus