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Smirnoff ICE Peach Bellini

Smirnoff ICE Peach Bellini 6 x 355 ml
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Item # 22394 | UPC 082000782261 | 6 x 355 ml

Smirnoff Ice, the pioneer of credible and delicious mixed drinks, has created a new sparkly, celebratory cocktail inspired by the Peach Bellini, a combination of champagne and peach flavoring with a hint of raspberry. This is the first Smirnoff Ice seasonal, inspired by spring, with the quality and refreshing taste of a cocktail classic. The new trendy flavour is the perfect drink for celebrating a fresh, new season.

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Until Sunday, June 30, 2019
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Category:Refreshment Beverages ❭ Cooler - Spirit Based =<7% ❭ Cocktail


Tasting Profile:BoldFruity